Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This one takes the cake!

Ok, so this post isnt the most serious of all posts, but figured I would share since it's super cute. My momz and stepfather just celebrated their respective birthdays with me and my sister, and we made them this cake. Now, I know that people make insane cakes with fondant that look like pretty much anything. COOL good for them. I'm not trying to be the cake boss. They win. I was just trying to give the cake a little character, so i drew a quick lil cat face with the frosting. They loved it. And so will you OR HELP ME GOD.


Phyllis said...

Nothing says Happy Birthday like a smiling cat on your cake!

Amy M.C. said...

Totes. That cake would not have been nearly so spicilicious if it had no design. Maybe you should add cake design to your resume.

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