Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Theyreeeeee baaack. Don't let a couple of roads fool you, I still like to paint women!! Yeah, I know what the large percentage of my fanbase is thinking... 'No biuoobs??' (thats how my fans pronounce boobs, in my head). Well no, sorry but its not always about boobs. Ok? Grow up guys. There are other... things. Than boobs. Sheesh. Anyway, this time around I was commissioned by a buddy of mine from high school. An old art class chum. He asked me to do a painting for his gfs bday since they were both fans of my style. See girls, there are guys out there that know how to get the perfect gift. Ecol-art.com. Helpin couples get it on since 2005. Awwwww yeah.