Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ecol-art, the leading name in.. ENCORE PAINTINGS!?!?!

I guess so! Here's what happened, when they were hanging the original pieces, they temporarily placed one directly across from their glass door. Then left for whatever reason and when returning they could see the painting from all the way down the hall (the door was glass, remember?) and they were like 'wow, those colors really draw you in!' (or something like that I'm assuming). So then after the pieces were hung in the correct places they decided 'Man it's too bad we don't have a piece to go across from our door'. Then I like to imagine that they looked at each other in slow motion to really capture the changing of facial expressions as they become overwhelmed in excitement as they realize they will infact order one from me for that spot. They decided they wanted something simple, the focus more on color, just to lead the eyes to their office. Here what I came up with

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T.T. said...

And I think this will do it. :)